Not every family shares the same principles or passions, but at Twin Peaks Family we take pride in the overarching alignment we cultivate with our members. We are not a family by blood, but more importantly, by conscious choice. The values we share drive the value we create. While members are accepted by invitation only, we strive towards inclusivity.


Chief Everything Officer

​Preserve wealth or create wealth? Bá believes there's a third option. Apart from wealth preservation and wealth creation, there is wealth redefinition. This is a transformative move. Bá's vision is neither to merely preserve wealth nor to pursue outsized gains - let alone incremental change - within the system. Instead Bá's aim is to change the wealth game; with Twin Peaks Family we will have wealth redefined. 


Bá is the founder of BABEL Ventures, the first venture firm in Silicon Valley with a Latina founder and sole GP. She has been lauded by mainstream publications for "breaking all the rules" and "rocking male-dominated Silicon Valley." BABEL's first fund is an early-stage biotech fund. Bá is also the cofounder and general partner of Ausum Ventures, with its first fund being a hybrid hedge and venture crypto fund focused on social change through blockchain technology.

Bá is a former real-estate entrepreneur and financial advisor to ultra high-net-worth families in Brazil. She has single-handedly raised over $250M for real estate and high tech companies in Latin America and the United States and has co-managed over $200M in assets.


Chief Impact Officer

Impact is not only about intention, it is about evidence. Sophie is determined to show that impact investing can become mainstream, and simply be called investing, as soon as we introduce impact evaluation into everything that we do. Thanks to the Millennials leading a profound paradigm shift in all areas of life, purpose is becoming the norm and change is within our reach. By harnessing the influential power of the leaders of tomorrow, Sophie believes the world can become a better place for all. She pushes for impact best practices and awareness through entrepreneurship.

Sophie has a decade of experience researching, designing, and applying impact evaluation models in the investment industry, in Europe and the US. She started and led the impact strategy of a pioneer VC firm in Geneva for 7 years, enabling the deployment of nearly $150M into promising startups all over the world. She has guided the implementation of impact strategy for upwards of 10 organizations over the past two years and she is not ready to stop. 


Chief Learning & Purpose Officer

What a riveting time to be alive! The tech-enabled global human family is in a race between consciousness and catastrophe. Visionary, heart-centered leaders get it. They are shaping the future of money, bringing revolutions in health and longevity, disrupting industry and creating the next wave of culture and a new political-economy. Justice and care animate their ideas, decisions, and ventures. They are committed to awakening and evolving, and to stewarding their multiform wealth with love and wisdom.


Jordan partners and plays with these leaders, co-creating special projects that invite transformative learning and unlock human potential to hospice old systems and midwife new ones.


Jordan draws on a combined 12 years of experience as a whole-person educator, integral philosopher and futurist, and change strategist, having taught graduate courses in multiple disciplines (philosophy, politics, psychology), published articles on diverse topics (business, creativity, social movements), directed a multi-issue grantmaking program, and organized global convenings—all from an integral-mystical worldview and horizon of possibility.