Case Study

Bá Minuzzi & the Rise of Twin Peaks Family



Bá Minuzzi personifies grit, hustle, heart. She is an entrepreneurial investor who cares about people, planet, purpose - not just profit.  

Bá soft launched a multi-family office for crypto self-mades in 2018. At the time, she was doing deep leadership and self development work with her coach, Jordan Luftig, who now directs Twin Peaks Eudaimonia. This is their story of a new vision and bold pivot that became Twin Peaks Family.


Through her connections as a VC of two funds, Bá saw an opportunity to serve emerging leaders and new wealth-holders in blockchain and crypto. She laid the groundwork for a one-stop-shop, going beyond traditional wealth management and offering an expansive conception of wealth. Bá was adamant that her greatest impact, and that of her clients, would come from tending to multiple forms of capital - financial, human, intellectual, social, natural, spiritual.  


Just as Bá is an extraordinary VC and well-rounded person, Jordan is more than your typical leadership coach. An educator, futurist, philosopher, and change strategist, Jordan put on these hats in sessions with Bá. Together they came to see that settling on a multi-family office for crypto self-mades was misguided, and something much bigger - more good, true, and beautiful - was possible.


Bá realized the multi-family office structure by itself was necessary but not sufficient to connect wealth to wellbeing and a world that works for all.

If she wanted to give new meaning to wealth, she had a profound opportunity and genuine responsibility to redefine her own wealth.



Bá's soul searching, combined with Jordan's support and challenge, freed her to think boldly and creatively about the future and flourishing of humanity. Together they contemplated the optimal organizational structure to activate her considerable network and wealth. They discussed inner and outer change technologies, such as whole-person education and impact investing, to accelerate the emergence of a just, sustainable, and peaceful world. When the process came to fruition, they had a new formation: Twin Peaks Family.


Preserve wealth or create wealth? Bá was setting up Twin Peaks Capital to do both, which is the prerogative of some family offices. But the question leaves out a third option. 

Apart from wealth preservation and wealth creation, there is wealth redefinition. This is the transformative move, and one that Bá was already baking into TPCapital. Her vision was neither to merely preserve wealth nor to pursue outsized gains - let alone incremental change - within the system. Instead, Bá's aim was to change the wealth game! 


Twin Peaks Family is home to a caring and pioneering team that makes wealth world-changing and self-transforming for members through our investment creative agency, impact factory, and human flourishing lab.

By instilling the new generation of leaders and their investment theses with awareness, humanity, deep meaning and purpose, we aim to generate unthinkable and massively positive social change.


In January 2019, Twin Peaks Family launched with a strong founding team to lead its three divisions:

• Sophie Durey, Twin Peaks Impact

• Jordan Luftig, Twin Peaks Eudaimonia

• Bá Minuzzi, Twin Peaks Capital

Bá has charged the team with pursuing unlikely allies and imaginative solutions to the world's challenges. The Family works with inspired leaders who are or who wish to become wise and big-hearted stewards of their wealth.