Case Study



Trying to live a sustainable life does not always mean giving up something or making sacrifices. With technology developing, sustainability could turn into something very cool. When talking about water consumption and sustainability for instance, the first thought that might come into our mind is reduce the amount of water we use daily. Does this mean we should take shorter showers? 

 That might be the answer unless you are using a shower built by Nebia. Nebia is a California based company and they have built an incredible shower system: it is so innovative that while being able to take your regular shower, you will still save a lot of water. 

The Nebia Spa Shower envelops you in warm steam and spray. With 10 precision-tuned nozzles that atomize water, Nebia delivers millions of microdrops to hydrate your skin far better than ordinary showers.

Truth is, sustainability is not a new thing: it is something we are going back to. We used to be a sustainable society but with consumerism and massive population growth we became massively unsustainable.

With Nebia we hope to be part of the movement that really look at water as an opportunity for innovation and sustainability.


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