Case Study

Crypto Castle Miami



And more. Through our investment creative agency, Twin Peaks Capital, we saved $100k in taxes for family member Jeremy Gardner. Enter Crypto Castle Miami, owned by Ausum Ventures, LLC.


Jeremy believes there are few things more empowering for the economy than supporting brilliant minds and backing them however he can. It was for these reasons that Jeremy founded his non-profit, Blockchain Education Network, and Crypto Castle San Francisco. 

In 2018, when faced with a $175,000 tax bill, he approached Twin Peaks Family, frustrated the money would not be used to fund new ideas or donated to causes he cares about.


Pay less taxes. Give more to community. Jeremy had been supporting people and projects in direct and indirect ways since moving to Silicon Valley. Put simply, as an engaged investor and philanthropist, he wanted to do more of that.



TPCapital works from deep understanding of our members' needs and discovery of emergent opportunities. 

Upon organizing Jeremy's documents and ensuring compliance, we screened his finances. It became apparent that Jeremy's financial life, including funds used to support founders, housing, mentoring and advisory relationships, and speaking engagements, could be structured differently.


Jeremy founded Crypto Castle SF in 2015 as a focal point for entrepreneurs working to further innovation and adoption of frontier tech like blockchain. The time had come to replicate the model in a new city.

TPCapital worked with Jeremy to identify an ideal location for Crypto Castle's brand expansion and to optimally restructure his finances. Ultimately, we landed on Miami.


TPCapital further organized all documents and finances for Jeremy, bringing Crypto Castle SF into even greater compliance and laying the foundation for Crypto Castle Miami's launch.


Crypto Castle Miami had its grand opening in the fall of 2018 and has become the city's de facto headquarters for prominent entrepreneurs and investors in the blockchain industry. It is a destination for entrepreneurial retreats, private events, and ideation sessions. 


TPCapital clarified to the IRS that Jeremy was wrongly charged $175,000. Thanks to the new structure we created and the report we submitted to the IRS, we saved Jeremy $100k. A few months after reporting to the IRS, Jeremy received a check in that amount.
Not only did Jeremy benefit from having a tax efficient vehicle, expanding into Miami has elevated the Crypto Castle brand and strengthened the crypto ecosystem he worked so hard to build in San Francisco for the past 5 years. 



From tax efficiency gains to building crypto ecosystems, there is a larger purpose to everything we do at Twin Peaks Family with inspired leaders like Jeremy.

Our highest purpose, one that Jeremy shares, is to redefine the meaning of wealth by putting wealth in service of a better world. Together - through creative investment vehicles like the Crypto Castle - we are making wealth world-changing. Enriching the world, we are enriched ourselves and lead deeply meaningful and fulfilling lives.