Case Study

Injecting Purpose Into the Investment Process


The Fund's leadership team struggled to see the positive impact of some investments. Business case and financial performance were crystal clear, but social impact was far more difficult to discern. Determined to change for the better and become the investors they really wanted to be, Babel Fund sought the help of an impact evaluation specialist.




Babel Ventures was set up in 2017 by Bá Minuzzi and her team to finance biotech solutions that improve the lives of billions.


The goal of Babel Ventures’ first fund, Babel Bio Fund I, is to invest in deep technologies that solve some of humanity’s biggest challenges.


Enter Twin Peaks Impact, an impact factory and division of Twin Peaks Family. Led by Sophie Durey, Twin Peaks Impact provides strategic orientation and support for family members all along their positive impact journey.


Sophie conceives customized and actionable deliverables that match members’ unique exploration of the effect they have on our planet and people, while facilitating the execution of their goals. 


Through dialogue and collaboration with the Babel Ventures team in December 2018, Twin Peaks Impact created a new pre-investment selection process for Babel Bio Fund I. The process empowers the team to advance the Fund's updated mission:
Achieve massive impact by 2027 solving some of humanity’s biggest challenges leveraging the power of biotech. 


In January 2019, Twin Peaks Impact presented the new selection guidelines to the team. The criteria are meant to systematically filter deals based on their potential to positively transform the lives of as many people as possible. The new process was validated by the team. It is now in alignment with the Fund’s mission and goals for impact. 


As of January 2019, all deals received by the Babel Fund team are filtered through an impact lens. This means that all new investments will have been selected on their business viability as well as their potential for massive social impact.

Twin Peaks Impact also participates on Babel's investment committee to substantiate the impact thesis of all deals assessed


Building on this successful implementation, Twin Peaks Impact will develop key metrics that Babel's team will track over the life of the Fund's investments. The data collected will inform and help ensure that the Fund stays on track to achieve its mission by 2027 as planned.